Social Responsibility


Our Commitment to the Environment


We believe in “pragmatic environmentalism.”  As a small company leasing space, we have to recognize that we can’t afford to simply put solar panels on the roof and drill in the parking lot for geothermal steam…But there are pragmatic things we can do to use less energy and reduce our carbon footprint.  Since we’ve purchased the laundromat we’ve done the Arcadia Powerfollowing.

  • Replaced all the magnetic fluorescent light ballasts with more efficient digital ballasts.  (up to 40% energy reduction for lighting)
  • Replaced our 80% efficient water heater with one that’s 96% efficient.
  • Replaced over 75% of our washing machines with High-efficiency models, reducing our total water consumption by over 40%
  • Installed a high-efficiency heat-pump for winter heating and summer cooling.


Our Commitment to the Community


South Side Suds donates a substantial amount of left clothes to Vina Moses, a local charity dedicated to providing clothes and other services to Corvallis’ less fortunate.  We also partner with Love Inc.’s  “Loads of Love” program. Loads of Love provides free laundry services to low-income and homeless people in Corvallis.


We also work with other organizations like Senior Adviser to help families with in-home care.


Our Commitment to our Employees


“Our employees are the engine that drives our success.”  Its a well-worn business sentiment, but it’s also very much true.  We couldn’t provide the level of customer service and care without our most excellent staff.  Moving from a strictly coin-operated laundromat to one that offers Wash-Dry-Fold services is no mean feat.  Without smart, capable, and friendly employees we would not succeed.  As employers we strive to provide an environment where our employees can thrive.