Wash Dry Fold Pricing


We Offer a variety of drop off services and pricing.


General Drop Off

  • $1.18 /lb with a minimum of 10lbs per order.
  • Become a member of our stamp club and get 20% off your sixth order.DogLaundry
  • 24hr turnaround time
  • Pants, T-Shirts, socks, and underwear are folded.
  • Button-up shirts are hung on hangers.
  • Monthly billing available.
  • Drop off customer agreement form

Comforters / Sleeping Bags

  • $13 Twin-sized comforter / Standard sleeping bag.
  • $15 Queen / Full Sized comforter
  • $17 King Sized comforter / Large sleeping bag
  • 24hr turnaround time
  • Comforters are put in re-usable zippered bag. Easy to carry and store!
  • Sleeping Bags are rolled up (if possible) into their original shape.

Drop and Dash Locker Service

  • Drop off laundry on your schedule! Drop your laundry off, text us, pick it up in a couple of days. (We’ll text you when it’s ready.) Simple as that.
  • Available during regular laundromat business hours, 7 days / week, 6am-1am
  • 48hr turnaround time.
  • South Side Suds supplies the heavy-duty laundry bag and optional bag stand.
  • $40 minimum monthly contract required. (40lbs per month)
  • Laundry in excess of the 40lbs/month will be billed at the regular $1.18/lb rate. For example, if you have 45 pounds of laundry in a given month, your bill will be $45 for that month.
  • Complete our Monthly Customer Agreement and email us or bring into the store to sign up.

 Wash, Dry, Fold with Delivery

South Side Suds is pleased to introduce Wash, Dry, Fold with Delivery service!

  • $40 / Month minimum monthly contract.
  • All laundry for delivery is weighed and billed at $1.29/lb
  • $6.00 pickup / delivery fee.
  • 48 hour turn around time.
  • Contact us for availability!
  • Delivery Customer Agreement Form

Senior Services and Discounts

Busy with your family and elder care? South Side Suds delivery can help!

  • $30 / month minimum monthly contract.
  • Smaller, easy to open delivery bags.
  • Flexible delivery options.
  • Contact us for availability and extra services!

You can find additional senior services at Senior Advisor


Extras with all services

  • Different detergents available, including Tide, Bio-Kleen, and Pure-Pro.
  • Choose Bounce or Seventh Generation natural fabric softener.
  • Don’t have the soap or softener you want?  Let us know! We’re happy to substitute.
  • No bleach, extra bleach, only button the top three buttons, tell us how you prefer your laundry folded, and we’ll make it happen.